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Summit Beer Hall Exclusive: Death and All His Friends, a Barrel-Aged Stout

NEW BEER ALERT By now you know we’ve got some hella-sexy rum barrels tucked away in the cellar. You’ve likely heard about our barrel-aged Summit Union Series Imperial Russian Stout and the barrel-aged Summit Unchained 26 Westie 7th. Well, those beers were never available here in the Summit Beer Hall, and to be honest, a […]

We’d Like to Announce Some Changes at the Summit Beer Hall

Greetings, distinguished members of the public. Greetings to all you undistinguished ones, too. We have some news we’d like to share. Effective March 1, 2018, we’ll be updating the hours of operation for the Summit Beer Hall, Patio, and Gift Shop. And boy, we hope you like asterisks. Monday: Closed Tuesday: Closed* Wednesday: Closed* Thursday: […]

We’re Tired of Waiting for Summit Maibock

In the middle of these long, cold months, every brief ray of sunshine coupled with a warm breeze feels like the promise of early Spring. But the weather is fickle here, and in the absence of a real honest-to-goodness thaw, which truly may not come for months, here at Summit Brewing Co. we’ve no choice […]

Summit Unchained 26

You Didn’t Forget About the Rum Barrels, Did You?

THE BARRELS Back in August 2017, Summit Brewing Co. accepted delivery of eight Jamaican rum barrels, because, hello, you don’t say no to rum barrels. Each 54 gallons in size, the rum barrels came straight from a Jamaican distillery, where they’d been emptied just two weeks prior. THE BEER If you recall, we filled some […]

Planning for Battle: The Summit IPA Collection

In a recent blog introducing the Summit IPA Collection, we told you about Berserkers — fearless Viking warriors once known for entering battle without armor or shield. We told you about their descendants, those hearty Minnesotans who brave our cold winters in t-shirts and shorts, braving The North’s bitter cold without so much as a […]

Summit Brewing Co. Introduces New Year-Round Beer: Summit Dakota Soul

Brewery’s Founder Mark Stutrud Sources Barley From North Dakota Cousins “Water is a beer’s foundation,” says Summit Brewing Company’s Founder and President Mark Stutrud. “Hop is like a spice. Yeast is the character. But barley — barley is the soul of beer.” Stutrud and the Summit Brewing team so believe in barley’s significance that we’ve developed […]

The Latest From Summit Brewing Co.: The Local’s 20th Anniversary Ale

Hello Lads and Lasses! Unwilling to face the long, cold months ahead all alone, Summit Brewing Co. has cozied up with The Local to brew a special beer in celebration of the Minneapolis pub’s 20th Anniversary. Known simply as The Local’s 20th Anniversary Ale, this limited, draft-only brew is available now, only at The Local. […]

Summit Brewing Co. Goes Freakin’ Berserk With Hops

Summit Sága Headlines IPA Collection, Featuring Three New Releases Legend has it, Berserkers were fearless Viking warriors known for entering battle in a crazed frenzy without armor or shield. Their descendants, it is said, roam the wintry landscape of modern-day Minnesota and its surrounding territories wearing nothing but t-shirts and shorts, braving The North’s bitter […]

Retiring beers

Sometimes You’ve Just Gotta Make Room

Say you want to get a bunch of skaters together and make a hockey team. International Ice Hockey Federation rules say you can use up to 20 players — 18 skaters and two goaltenders. And of those 20, you can run five skaters and one goalie out on the ice at any given time. That’s […]

Summit Banjaxed logo

Summit Banjaxed, Brewed Extra Special for Pizza Lucé

Greetings, beer lovers and pizza eaters. (That must include just about everybody, yeah?) Summit Brewing Co. has teamed up with Pizza Lucé this winter to bring you Summit Banjaxed, an Irish-style Winter Ale that’ll keep you feeling refreshed, warm and happy as you nosh on your next slice of pizza pie — and the next […]

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